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I am the one who waited / and now you act like you just don’t give a damn / like you never knew who I am

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Jason Forbach singing Bring Him Home in his album Revolutionary

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Phoebe Buffay Best Comebacks

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i am flame and i am fire

i am destruction

decay and desire

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do you ever see a character that’s worshipped by a fandom and go “you’re not that great”

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I hate when a person says they’ve had a bad day and everyone, instead of trying to cheer them up, enters a competition of who’s had the shittest life

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When people say they don’t want their kids ‘influenced’ by seeing homosexuality portrayed on tv, in books, in public, etc, what they’re really saying is ‘if my kid isn’t straight, I want them to be too uneducated to understand so they’ll be forced to stay in the closet and it doesn’t become my responsibility to face things that make me uncomfortable’

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Never underestimate my ability to find the lesbians in all forms of media.

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