The whole point is that in London, the way people are, they’re just very insular and no one ever looks at each other. You don’t look at each other on the subway. You literally step over people with their hands in the air every day asking for money. There’s this thing of you can live in a city and be completely alone, not notice anything going on around you. - Simon Pegg

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British tv

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Women wage war.

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My new Les Mis t-shirt has arrived!

My new Les Mis t-shirt has arrived!

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favourite songs: Catch Me If You Can, “Live In Living Color”

I’ve got a story I’d like to tell
But I’m gonna need help to tell it well
I’ve got a story about fame and money
And it’s got more curves than a Playboy bunny

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catch me i’m falling

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“I’m pretty competitive. I have friends that need to gamble on everything and can never lose an argument and all that stuff… I’m not like that. But if you get me on a sports field or you get me competing for a job, I work very, very hard to make sure that I’m in a good position to win those things.”

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From the little-known Vikings edition of Frozen. [x]


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